Under the name of OHKAFLEX a program of solvent washable flexographic printing plates is supplied all over Europe. Intensive research has led to this ideal plate for use with today's less polluting washout solvents. Ohkaflex conventional and digital plates satisfy the demands of even the most critical flexo printer.


  • - Superb ink transfer
  • - Homogeneous coverage
  • - Minimal dot enlargement
  • - Excellent results in screen and line work as well as in solids and reverse printing
  • - Short processing time thus increased productivity
  • - Detailed information and a test negative available on request


Ohkaflex plates cover a broad range of applications; from self-adhesive labels to aluminum foil. By its short processing times OHKAFLEX plates increase the productivity. Being ozon resistant and having a long lifespan, OHKAFLEX plates are suitable for fast processing of repeat orders.
Thicknesses: from 1.14 mm up to 6.35 mm
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