Interflex Finishing Equipment


Jet Europe supplies a range of equipment for processing solvent based photopolymer plates; the INTERFLEX system. The equipment embodies the latest flexographic techniques available today. It is specially designed to achieve high quality plates of any thickness and design to ensure consistently good reproduction.

Interflex system

The Interflex system consists of separate units: a washer, a buffertank, an exposure unit, a cutter, a dryer, combined post-exposure and de-tacker device and recycling unit. A skilled service department is stand-by for support. Jet Europe’s IF system is made in Holland 


  • - For all types of solvent based photopolymer plates
  • - Environmental & operator friendly
  • - Supreme and constant quality
  • - Space saving design
  • - Low energy consumption
  • - Low maintenance costs
  • - Good price-quality ratio

Technical details

  • - A smart combination of post exposure and after treatment.
  • - Post-exposure and finishing process can take place at the same time.
  • - If necessary, finishing and post exposure times can also be adjusted separately.
  • - Equipped with a LED control panel.
  • - Including timer, ventilators and an exhaust.
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