IDI is a special conventional exposure unit for the manufacturing of photopolymer printing plates, capable of yielding printing results that meet the most stringent quality requirements imposed by today’s packaging industry.


  • - Low costs and high quality
    (in comparison with CtP)
  • - Exposure by a special point light tube  
  • - Used for letterpress and UV flexo label printing
  • - Used for dry offset purposes; aerosols and two-piece can printing 
  • - Technical info on request

Double exposure

With IDI the film is exposed in two consecutive phases. The initial exposure results in taut and sharply-defined elements without shoulders. The second main exposure results in the formation of a shoulder at the edges of the elements. The slope of the shoulder is determined by the length of the second main exposure.

T.+31 (0)36 537 28 28 | F. +31 (0)36 537 27 72 | E.