Jet Europe supplies unique plate processing systems for quick and easy manufacturing of photopolymer plates, based on the latest processing techniques available today. The tower-rack models are highly efficient plate making solutions, ensuring you photopolymer plates of high quality.


  • - Manual operation
  • - All-in-one system
  • - Washing out in ordinary tap water
  • - Easy to install 
  • - Soft brushes for optimal result in maintaining fine details
  • - Hot air circulation dryer
  • - PLC-controlled
  • - Demos, description manuals and safety data sheets available on request


The Waterpress is delivered with exposure, washer and dryer. Washing in normal, heated tap water. The washing plate holder is provided with a sticky plate and/or magnetic layer, depending on the type of photopolymer plate involved. Exposure, washing and drying times can be set easily and read out digitally.

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