Jet Europe supplies unique plate processing systems for quick and easy manufacturing of water washable photopolymer plates with polyester, steel or aluminum backing, based on the latest processing techniques available today including CTP plates. It meets the needs of even the most demanding plate maker.


  • - Suited for all different water washable photopolymer plates
  • - Easy to operate by touch screen
  • - Computer controlled
  • - Excellent quality
  • - One non-stop operation
  • - Orbital and floating brush washing system     


  • - High output capacity
  • - Consistent perfect plate quality
  • - Low noise level
  • - Easy to maintain
  • - Good price-quality ratio
  • - Optional pre-rinsing unit for CTP plates


The JETLINE systems are constructed according to the flow-line principle and consist of a washing section, a pre-dryer, a drying section, and a post-exposure device. A separate exposure unit can be placed under the dryer. JETLINE CTP is suited for the latest generation CTP plates.
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