Sleeve cleaner

Sleeve cleaner

Automatic equipment for cleaning sleeves from 70 up to 400 mms. Loading and unloading takes place with the help of compressed air.


Jet Europe supports her clients to every extent possible. A manual containing the step-by-step description of the processing sequences can be obtained on request. So... we’ll guide you every step of the way.


In the JET Sleeve Cleaner sleeves can be cleaned properly and rapidly. Cleaning takes place by a flat brush, cleaning softly the rotating sleeves. The process consists of pre-rinsing, washing out and pre-drying by a sponge roller and hot air. The solvent temperature depends on the ink involved. Equipped with a solvent tank and a flush tank. The solvent filter holds back the ink.


  • - Jackets holding the sleeve in different diameters, suitable for the diameters used.
  • - Jackets holding the sleeve in two pieces that allow to wash two sleeves with the same diameter contemporaneously.
  • - Cylinder with sticky plate for the washout of photopolymer in plates.

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