Water Washable Flexo Plate/CTP

Jet Aqua Green

JET Aqua Green Waterwash flexo plates stand for quality: optimum printing results and minimum environmental load. The JET range covers all the requirements of the graphic industry.




Jet Aqua Green plate is a water-developable flexo plate which uses water instead of solvents in the plate-making process of flexographic printing.

The Aqua green Plate guarnatees excellent printing restults on a wide range of surfaces, such as flexible packing, stickers and labels, envelopes, cartons, paper and
plastic bags, varnish coatings.

We offer a solvent-free method which has many advantages from an environmental perspective and from a managerial point of view.
- Reduced Dot gain
- Better ink transfer
- High image reproduction 
- Higher quality of the image

Aqua green Cost Saving :

- Our solvent & waste fluid processing-free plate reduces platemaking time

- LOW equipment costs: no need of solvent

- Process with TAP WATER and neutral detergent: no need of other product

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